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Fun little game, really enjoyed this.

Thank you!

Really enjoyed your mechanics, great work!

Glad you enjoyed the experience!

Cool little game man! I really love the visuals of your game. The art style, the music, the animations, how everyone is jumping around, it really fits together and creates a nice experience :)

Would be cool if you could check out my little game too:

Thanks for taking time out of your day to review my game and write a lengthy response!

Love the art! Awesome game! It got really addictive as well.


Art is amazing! The game is super addictive. SImply put: Its awsome

That was my goal, glad you enjoyed it!

Pretty cool, good job.



Really fun but how is this related to the jam theme?


The theme is Cafe and the game is called Cafe Slime? You play as a chef serving the slimes that are customers.

Very fun to play. Five star rating.


Overall pretty fun, kinda addicting.

That was my goal!